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Stand Alone Tool Turrets

Optimized solutions for all ranges of CNC lathes. These turrets allow high performance in turning operations and a fully mechanical interchangeability. Can be upgraded with modular driven tool systems.


  • Electromechanically operated
  • Low cost turret
  • Easy control by the interface PLC of the machine
  • Available with a basic control unit (UCN)

See also: ODT-N driven tool devices

Technical Information: IT6430-0908


  • Driven by built-in direct motor
  • Hydraulically operated
  • Original lean mechanical design (cost effective solutions)
  • New control unit (TMC)
  • No backlash, no wearing, noiseless
  • Lower critical level of dynamic crash

See also: ODT-N, MDT, IDT-R driven tool devices

Technical Information: IT6458-0509_DM


  • Driven by servomotor
  • Pneumatically or hydraulically operated
  • Fast (SM) and superfast (SMA) indexing times
  • Supplied with integrated servomotor and relevant control unit (DDC)
  • Advanced Duplomatic software for diagnostic

Technical Information: IT6427-0409


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